best board for tubes

Which board designs are best for tube ridng?

probobly depends where and how big but single fins are fastest and pintails/channel bottoms hold the best line. Boggie boards are much less dangerous though, I think.

What kind of boogie board do you ride?

Blow up

In my experience a thruster works best in hollow surf. I am talking about a board around 7’, round pin for waves close to double overhead and top to bottom. Smaller size waves, maybe a 6’6" RP. Although I have had some great barrels on single fin pintails and swallows, I have found that singles require the rider to go all the way to the bottom, and then bottom turn into the barrel. Singles are very fast in the pocket, and hold their line very well, but thrusters allow the rider to do 2 things that singles don’t (at least for me): pull in mid face – i.e. drop in late as the wave is throwing, and pump into the barrel without going to the bottom. On my single fins, the boards have a tendancy to spin out when in a critical position on takeoff. Also, singles don’t pump inside of the tube like thrusters do. You have way more board control inside of a barrel on a thruster. Singles are great in that they hold their line in the tube and accelerate when in the sweet spot, but sometimes it is nice/necessary to weave a bit inside there. After all, we aren’t surfing perfect Indo everyday… What was the quote in 5 Summer Stories? “The universe’s gift to man – the tunnel of love!” HAve fun Kit

any experience with a 5 fin bonzer in such situation? Just built one - taking it to Hawaii in 2 weeks. would it be kindof a combination of single fin and truster?? best of both worlds? hold a good line with a little more hold than the single fin? Never ridden one - this’ll be my first. -chet

With all the different types of boards being ridden these days, you’ll probably get as many different answers. Speaking for myself, I’ve had my best tube ride on a single fin longboard, although I ride a variety of other boards too.

the one that put you in there is the best for that session…

I agree with some of kits observations. But I’ve also ridden in-line a lot and had the waves of my life.

yes, Matt, I agree – the board that gets you in there is the best! Chet, I have not ridden bonzers, but I have seen Davey Miller ride them with style and get amazing tuberides on them at Backdoor, Pipe, Puerto. Pull in and grin… Kit

The best board is the board you have. And if you get a good tube on the wrong board, it makes it all the sweeter…

thats such an open question ,like saying which colour is fastest??? what type of tubes… fast down the line ones shifty ones with back door sections ones with no bottom and square ones that you ride high ones where you cant bottom turn and have to pull in high ones with back door take offs ones where you bottom turn real wide then stall into ones with gnarly gurgley lumps in it fun beach break barrels tubes that wedge tell us what the tube is like or what the problem is ,for a defined answer regards BERT