Best Grinder

Anyone have any recommendations for a sanding/polishing grinder?

milwaukee or makita

Hitachi spv18a its lighter with 5 speeds good for grinding and polishing parts are cheaper and has a better warranty,my shop is working on converting all 6 of our grinders to the hitachis

makita has worked wonders for me. BUT never tried any other brands

I like the Dewalt DW 849, the Snap On ET 1475 is the same thing. Good speed control. Picked up a couple of good used ones for around $100. on eBay.

Howzit Drew, I’m a Makita guy also.Aloha, Kokua

Which model Makita. Are we talking grinder, sander, or polisher?

anyone tried the ones with the U handle that goes over the top?

You can’t go wrong with the Makitas but the feel and speed control of the Milwaukee 5540 have spoiled me. BTW I have a Makita 9217SPC in the box used less than 30 minutes for $180. Dave D