Best Laminating Video I've Seen...


the internet is full of egos…

everyone with less than basics think that he can teach…

this and most of the guys doing these videos are rookies and do not do the work in the proper way

that s not good for the trade

-only a couple of industry standard videos there

BUT THIS is one of the worst!! the guy do all wrong


but for the first timers

now you ve got better options, like Swaylocks

The little button on the bottom right of the reply box that says url. The web is one big ego wank.

Edit to say I just watched that and am in complete awe of the talent I have just witnessed. The music added an element that extracted a few tears.

That guy is a better laminator than I. But if you are even better than him, Let us see a video. Swaylocks is great but sometimes you cant learn by reading, or looking at still pictures. And if a video isnt possible could you tell us what he did wrong? I have a few Ideas but I wouldnt mind hearing it from someone else.

The only thing I had a problem with was the way he applied his laminates. I fold the cloth back then put down resin and apply laminates on top and squeegee them down, fold the cloth back out and laminate. I don’t remember if he flowed the resin out over his laps or not, but if he didn’t, he should have.

masta glassa video

I kind of liked it and the price is right. RB


I kind of liked it and the price is right. RB

wah? a dollah free eighty???

…better than you? and?

this is not a piss…contest

I said that most of the free videos including that, are full of rookies

yes may be its good for a first timer to see something

but in the long way, is not good for you mate

and of course for the trade

he did wrong everything

from the start

check the way he manages the cloth, check the way he cut the cloth in the nose and tail, the way he put and lam the logos, the way he lam the rails, etc

check the other video, for an even worst

I thought the way he cut the cloth in the nose was very helpful but I must admit that laying the laminates down without putting some resin down first is not so good. But I thought that his lap was very tidy, plus the fact there is more time shown glassing than all the “pay for” videos that I’ve seen put together.

I liked that it was pretty much in ‘real time’, so many how-to videos spend way too much time on preamble, and then cut up the actual procedure with overediting.

I thought he wasted way too much resin, though, and left it pooling wherever it wasn’t dripping off. I don’t know what’s going to end up heavier - that board or his floor.

The guy with the glasson fin, well, maybe he drives an ambulance and has a ready supply of donor livers. Or he already has bionic hands that are made of silicon. And the fillet looked about twice as thick as it needs to be… but I did like how he wet it out. Much easier than dipping it in a bucket & pinching out the excess resin with your (gloved) fingers.

He make me tired just watching him fight that squeegee.

The guy in the lam video seems to have a love affair with his scissors and a facination with dry laminates that puff up with sunlight.

Bobo the laminating chimp is sad. :frowning:

I´ve only shaped and glassed three bards in my short career. It ain´t easy that´s for sure. Fair play to anyone who will take up their own time and post up a video to help other people out for no financial gain. I definitely found it interesting and educational to watch someone else´s technique as I´ve never had the chance to watch anyone else glass a board. I glassed my boards based on the information I found in the Swaylock´s archives. I reckon all you guys who are knocking these vids should put up (something of your own) or shut up.

I’m inclined to agree a little bit (but not by much) with the above, so no offense to anyone here. It’s just that there’s not a great deal of pics on Sways on glassing (feel free to contribute or correct me) and pictures speak a thousand words. If I could hold a camera without getting resin all over it I’d post some pics with my thoughts as well.

…there s a difference between a guy who pretend

and a guy who only want to share his stoke and hobby (like the Hicksy s videos)


I reckon all you guys who are knocking these vids should put up (something of your own) or shut up.

Some people have glassed hundreds of boards (me, for instance), yet never had anyone shoot a video of the process.

I only saw the vid of the guy doing a fin. His technique was kind of half-assed, and he doesn’t bother wearing gloves. Looks kind of amateurish, to me.

But, what do I know? I never made a video.

Yeah, I surfed for 30 years before I saw myself on video. Yikes!

I like the video stuff. It’s just another medium to show people how to do things. Some day I’ll get a cell phone too. I gave up on waiting for Greg L. to have his laminating with epoxy dvd released, so I just jumped into my first full board lamination based on what I’ve read from you guys. I did ding repair for years, but an entire board…

ive noticed a trend in most laminating how to videos online…cutting darts in the rail overhang in the middle of the rail…why?

i cant imagine that anyone whos glassed many boards has to cut that many darts in order to lap them w/out folding the glass, has anyone else noticed it as well?