Best tail for contemporary bonzer

Hi everyone


i am considering making a contemporary board , as my usual allrounder (  6’1 18 3/4 2 3/8 ) but with a bonzer 5 fins configuration

i already got a Campbell Octafish , with wings and swallow tail

What would be the best tail to optimize the quality of the bonzer ,  Squash ? rounded pin ?


thanks for your help

…any one…

I use a “hook” tail (half moon)

best tail depends on what outline is intended after the concept of the planshape

so, if you put a pin tail in a 6´ shape to try to turn in a dime…well, not so good tail to do that


Thank ,

i think a rather large tail seems logical , maybe with a small swallow

I need help in one thing:

how much depth it is in the carved side of the bottom on the fin? Each side of course..