Bing "David Nuuhiwa Noserider"

I recently purchased a the referenced Bing Surfboard, Serial No. 7103 260. It is 10’ with a five piece black foam T-band stringer and has the red glassed on skeg. The board has about 3 dings and is tanned from the sun. The tanning is darker on the bottom of the board. The Bing Logo was once red and has faded to a light red. From the research I have done I would rate it between 6.5 to 7.5 mainly because of the tanning and faded logo. Other than that, the board is in great condition. I want to have the dings repaired and maybe have the hole board wet sanded and buffed out( no regloss). I don’t know if a light wet sanding would hurt it! I want it to be water tight and cleaned up, but leave it as original as possible. Any suggestions on the proper restoration and cleaning it up a little. It took me 12 years to persuade the original owner to sell this board and I want to preserve this piece of history the best way possible. I would appreciate any input offered! Regards, Dirk

That’s a tough one… I know of collectors that want the board as original as possible - including dirty wax, unrepaired dings and all. Most people like them cleaned up. IMO ding repairs done right and a wet/dry buff out will make it more presentable as a hanger and won’t adversely affect the value. At recent auctions even opaque pigmented re-dos fetch some big bucks. Sounds like a keeper!