BK Mini Gun

WOW! -A Gentleman brought this in to sell on consignment. The thing sold within less than a day.

Some of you guys from that era care to comment on and date this beauty?





I’d say '68-'69, but a lot of wiser people here will date it more precisely from the logo, fin, and so on…

As far as “comment”: what a beauty! I don’t know how much you sold it for but I would probably have given more for it… BK was my idol (well, one of…) back then and I shaped a number of exagerated mini-guns trying to copy his…

I’d say late 69 or early 70. Pretty nice condition. What was the selling price?

I was still riding the blue and yellow rental rafts at that point , so I’m not quite of the era…

but, shaped by Rick Stoner(?) Hermosa Beach, CA

It sold for $900. Let alone the extreme teardrop outline, I was suprised on how thick the tail of the thing is 4" and the size of the fin 12".

Not surprising, really. Most all mini-guns of the time had very thick tails and long, heavily raked fins. Here’s a Petrillo of mine: