Blank construction

hey guys i was just looking up eps stuff and i found this blog where the guy teaches you how to make your own blanks, thought it mite be helpful for those of you who might want to do this instead of buying them.

also, in here he says you can just buy eps insulation for the blank so i googled it and found that you can buy eps insulation in pressurized tanks (similar to propane grill tanks). what do you guys think of the possibility of constructing a mold that has a groove for the stringer and then you fill the closed mold with the eps and let it sit and harden → finished blank… what do you think? am i being unrealistic?

oh yeah heres the link to the eps in propane tank…

or you can just serch eps foam or foam insulation…

The time required to make the mold for the foam would take quite a while (more than making a blank normally) and would be a waste of time. Make your own blank normally + shape = saved time and fun.

Hi -

The Tiger Foam is a 2-part polyurethane expanding foam… maybe more like Clark Foam than EPS but more often used as a “pour foam” to fill boat hull cavities for flotation. EPS is made from beads that expand when subjected to steam inside a mold.

Either way is tough for a do-it-yourselfer.

The first link to the guy who glued up insulation foam is probable easiest if you don’t want to hotwire.

Really nice pre-made blanks from several different blank manufacturers are available at a reasonable cost from any of several retail sources. IMO, if you’re calculating time as money, it makes sense to go the retail route and get something that is surfboard specific.

Thanks for the links and don’t give up. You have some creative input. Hope you reap what you sow. Mahalo.

Anybody know how to make those links live, clickable? Thanks