Blank distributors

I’m trying to order blanks but the distributors I’ve talked to (Foamez, us fiberglass, fiberglass supply) all want >$100 for shipping. This is more than the blank! Does anyone know where to get blanks shipped cheap or near south carolina? Thanks…

US fiberglass is the cloest to you. Basically the’re exists but a few locales that actually ship blanks. Us fiberglass is in NC so that can’t be all that far of a drive. Get a pick up truck some beer and a dog and go camping for the day and pick up blanks on the way home! Or just order a shitload of blanks and the shipping becomes less painful Drew

Try WRV or Eastern Skateboard Supply. They are both in North Carolina.

I am in Charleston SC and I just order them straight from Clark Foam in Melbourne, FL. Shipping (to a business address) is $40-45 COD for pretty much any order, whether it is one blank or 12. They pack 4 blanks to a box, so I always order at least 4 but you could get just one or two if you wanted. Cheaper than FOAM-EZ anyways, and quicker shipping, and prices straight from Clark are as low as you are going to get them. Clark Foam Florida 321-259-2664

Gary Wilson at Surf city Surf Shop in North Myrtle Beach will sell you one.

I do what Richard does. Except I go through so I can use my credit card. Need DBA or tax number to get wholesale price from them. Ordering straight from Clark is easy enough but they will require payment in advance I think. Be sure to check a Clark catalog for all the different choices. Order four and shape a couple for your friends and let them help pay for everything. Krokus

Thanks…I’m in charleston too. I’ll try to order direct from clark…will they ship to residential and if so what’s the charge? I’ll probably end up trying to work something out with one of the local surfshops…

Geoff, Clark uses Watkins Freight Lines when they ship to me out of Melbourne and, yes, they do charge more for residential delivery - and may try to hit you for a “lift gate” fee if you’re not careful. Since shipping is c.o.d. they’ll call ahead with the fee. It’s cheaper to have delivery to a business. If you know someone who can accept delivery at their work/business, it’s the way to go. As was said, it costs about the same to ship 4 to 6 blanks as 1 and it’s always nice having a couple of blanks on hand to obsess about… Pete

Find out the terminal the blanks will come to in your area & pick them up there.It’s cheaper than haveing it delivered to your home.Just tell them to call you when the blanks arive & you’ll pick them up.