Blank help

Ok, I’ve decided to try my hand at shaping, and since shipping prices from Foamez are the same whether you get one blank or eight, I figured I’d start with four for good measure. I am planning on shaping an egg 6’8", a mini-gun 6’9", a roundnose fish (like …lost’s or Hobie’s Slugfish) and a modern singlefin. I was planning on using the 7’3" 3/16 Bass Superblue for the egg, and probably a 6’-9"R (maybe the 7’0"R) 3/16 Bass Superblue, for the mini-gun. Do those sound about right? Now what about the roundnose fish? It will probably be about 6’4", so what should I use for that? The singlefin will probably be the toughest, since I’ll be shaping it more out of desire to try one than anything else. First, can anyone suggest a model I could copy that would be forgiving to an intermediate surfer who has never ridden a single? Maybe the new CI single? And which blank would be best for this type of board? I know this is a lot of questions, and I really appreciate any help you all can provide. This message board has already provided infinite stoke in me, and I probably wouldn’t even be attempting this if I hadn’t already spend so much time reading through the threads here. So thanks in advance!

search through the archives.key cc cape cod badfish.sublime?

CC= Corpus Christi Badfish~ Sublime “And I dive deep when its ten feet overhead, grab the reef underneath my bed.” Thanks, I haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for in the archives yet, but I’ll keep searching. It’s a lot of material to go through, and I just hoped someone might have some quick and easy answers from experience.