Blank Recommendation for an Egg

A friend wants me to shape a 7’0" Egg, with a bonzer 5 bottom. I was going to use the USBlanks 7’3"A fish blank as it seems to have plenty of foam, but thought maybe I should use the 7’9"H or 8’0"H to make sure I have enough width throughout for an egg. I’m wondering what has been the typical blank for eggs over the years. I searched the archives but all I found was older posts with Clark references. I’ll likely get my blank at Mitch’s so that is why I’m focusing on USBlanks. All suggestions appreciated.

Wow, I just noticed quite a difference in rocker between the fish blank and the two bigger ones funboard blanks - anyone with a bonzer egg please chime in!


I have a 7’ 6’’ Malcolm Campbell 5 fin ‘Speed Egg’ and it has very low rocker,

though I dont know the numbers off hand.

If I was trying to do a 7’ 0’’ version and had to pick from those 3 blanks’

I would go with the 7’ 9’’ H, center your outline on the blank, leave the deck

rocker alone and make your rocker adjustments from the bottom.

But thats just my opinion.


Another Google keyword pop up ad that cracked me up…

“All about Eggs”

i just traced out the outline of a 7’0" egg on a U.S. Blanks 7’3"Fish blank…and it looks great.

plenty of foam.

perfect rocker.

this board is gonna be awesome.

Thanks Paul, the MC speed egg info is just what I needed. Looks like I’ll go with the 7’9"H.

Does anyone have any pictures of a Campbell Brothers Speed Egg Bonzer?

OK Soulstice, now you have me thoroughly confused. I was thinking the 7’3" fish blank with the flipped nose rocker in relation to the more flatter tail rocker was more specifically suited to a short fish board (um, of course, it’s a fish blank!). Since I’m doing a decidely non-fish board won’t I be better off with a more “normal” rocker and just deal with getting rid of some of the tail and nose foam of the larger 7’9" blank? Plus, since I’m going to be putting in bonzer concaves, don’t I need a bit more rocker on the tail rail to begin with?

rDJ - try the Surf Search on and you should find lots of pictures.

if speed is your goal, a flatter rocker at the tail should be preferred.

i drew mine out about 1" up from the tail, and about 2" back from the nose. the rocker profile at that position looks plenty workable, as that “flip” in the nose of traditional fish blanks is relatively minor in the 7’3", and appears only at the very tip. mine won’t have any deep concaves, just a gentle vee on the way out and a single fin setup. but there appears to be plenty of foam to play with.

it’s your board…get whatever blank works best for you. the 7’9" is a fine blank, and certainly offers the makings of a great speed egg. as for me…i hate waste, and try to minimize it wherever possible.

Thanks Soulstice, those are good points. I’m making the board for an intermediate surfer who probably needs it in the more “all around” form so I think I’ll go with 7’9" despite the waste which I also hate. Maybe I’ll bump it up to a 7’2" to give her a bit more wave catchability, but I can use the scraps for other projects.