Blanks in Canada -- getting foam

I’ve been looking around for foam retailers/distributors of expanded polystyrene in ontario, canada specifically. So far, I’ve found some manufacturers but no places to actually buy a decent sized block. i live in a pretty crappy area of northern ontario but i often go to toronto. is it worth checking out home depot or any building stores like that? does anyone have any suggestions for getting blanks/foam in canada? i’d prefer not to have to ship(from outside canada) it cos i’m only a student and that would be a lil too expensive for my budget, especially from places like foam e-z. i’m willing to go thru the labour of shaping it myself and all that but it would be even better if there were any places in canada that have blanks. any help would be appreciated.

Hey Esker. Drop me an email and we’ll chat a bit. I live in London but found a supplier of foam blocks in Kitchener and also someone you can buy EPS blanks from on Lake Huron. Later Dee