Blanks on east coast?

With the whole Clark foam closure, I was wondering where I can get a 10 ft. blank here on the east coast. I live in NJ but am heading down to south carolina in march. Any websites as well should I choose to order them. Thanks

WRV might have something or not…but EPS foam is probably a better option

Unfortunately WRV has nothing right now. They “say” in about a month they will have blanks. We are getting ready to order a small run from a company in Wilmington. It is South African blanks but they have a 10’6" blank. Not sure about the quality but if you want us to order one for you let us know. We are located in Virginia.



I left Austin a couple messages about the company in Wilmington. I think I’ll be gettign some blanks from them too. It saounds like they may be getting them some time in March.