Blending Curves Build.

5’5 x 18 7/8 based on a template.  This was the first board I’ve used the drum sander I made a week or two ago.  This tool is a god send for thining out the nose and blending rail bands on the deck side of these grom sized boards.  Its snowing again here as I type this.  I will get to glassing and sanding this little beast this coming weekend.



As you can see I work in a very small shed.  In order to work on boards I have to clear out the lawnmower, bicycles and such.  If I had a better workspace I’d give serious thought to taking this to the next level.  I’ve been turning down making boards for people simply because I don’t have the right workspace.




The shine is fresh acrylic drying.





Looks good! Why so short? I should talk…

14 year old surfer.

Ingenious idea there!.

Mako, looking awesome (as always). Could you give us the details on the green paint please? Quantity, coats, application technique? Thanks, J

Oh I see!

Thank you.  Paint is neon green acrylic from the craft store thinned with Behr concrete sealer.  2 coats with a foam roller.  Rails are sprayed with a cup gun.  I’ve been doing it this way for a few years and it works for me.  I make no claims at being an artist.  This is a shot of the rider from a couple weeks ago aboard a 5’2 I made him in October that he’s already outgrown:


Thanks for the how-to info Mako! I am looking at painting my first board sometime soon.  I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the build and the action shots from your grom. -J

How about some details on the sander?

Did a whole thread on the sander attachment.


Thankz mako224!

I don’t think you sleep much…(with a mind always goin’)LOL

Looks like you have had no troubles with delam over the paint job.  Is that PU foam?

BTW, great job, looks great.  Nice job on the fin box cut outs.  Very clean.

PU foam. Glass job wil be poly. No delam issues.

Cool build Mako, my son is 5 and has been asking for his own board. One reason I started shaping is so I can build boards for my boys as they get older.

Just wondering how do you choose your rocker for a grom board? Do you just do the scaling of a regular size board in boardcad?

Boardcad???  What is that???

One thing you will find out quick when doing grom boards is you don’t have many choices for blanks in this size range.  I use the 5’9P and the standard rocker is pretty good in this blank.  There is just enough foam on this blank for minor tweaks to the rocker.   From there I’m just tweaking the nose and tail rocker to suit my eye and the template.  I do a lot of my boards by eye.  I’ve been ogeling boards for over 30 years and I have a pretty good vision of what I like and don’t like and I try to shape to that vision.

Love that tool Mako. I’m making one this weekend!!  Thanks. 

Cool, like the method.