Block EPS in San Diego or So. Ca. ?

So far I’m pricing with WNC in San Diego and Marko in LA area for an 8’ EPS block about 24"x24". Any other places I should be checking? thanks.

Ken from Segway composites have eps block.

there’s another place in our neighborhood I’ve been curious about. Pacific Coast Foam. Never called them myself.

if you do let us know if they’re good

The PCF Group

8585 Miramar Place, San Diego, CA 92121

Phone: 858-455-1274

I don’t think there are many good options for small blocks. What prices are you getting? Last time I looked the SD area EPS resellers were charging high fees to cut a block down from the standard industrial form size. It may be just as affordable to buy blanks. You can definately save money on a full size block if you’re willing to drive to Chino and haul a roughly 3’x4’x8’ block back.

hey stink bug what are the details on the foam in chino?

i might be up for that trip if the price is right.

how much for a block that size?

Prelim prices so far 8’x24"x24" WNC 1.5# 110.$ 2.0# 135.$ Marko is higher 1.5# 153.$ These are prelim numbers that will have to be confirmed if a purchase is made. I’d still like to do a lot more homework to get the best pricing/volume figured out.

This might help…;search_string=open%20letter;#248761

White Hot Blanks are available from White Hot in Oxnard or ProCAM in Huntington Beach.

If you have any questions I can be reached at


do check the thread Ray mentioned. I collected a bunch of Sways bucks, contacted the Insulfoam Chino plant, talked to a salesman, ordered block of 2lb. Drove out in my pickup, strapped it down to the bed and drove home. We all made a lot boards. I still have enough foam for at least two more.

GTFD, those prices don’t sound bad. I don’t have my reciept handy but the link that Ray gave quotes a price. That’s very close to when I bought mine - shortly after the Clark closure - so that’s probably what I paid too. I do recall that my quote for half the block from a local source was almost the full price of the block from Insulfoam though. I’m pretty sure WNC and Marko weren’t selling blocks back in Jan-Feb '06 though. Good to know those options are now available for block foam. Thanks for posting.

Since your in San Diego have you considered going to Falcon Foam just south of the border?

Here is the contact info off their website:

Falcon Foam

Tijuana BC, Mexico

Privada Misiones No 1108

Parque Industrial Misiones

Tijuana, Mexico C.P., 22500

Tel: (866) 758-1665

Fax: (866) 752-5462