Blue Grinder replacement blades for a hitachi planer?

Foam EZ used to sell them awhile back but I can’t find them around any more.

Anyone know where you can still get them?

I hear they worked better than those stone replacement blades.

I think Uncle D bought them too.


Also I’m thinking of switching from glue on sanding pads to those velcro ones

anyone know a good online place where I can get good sand paper discs with hook and loop backing?

most of the stuff I see is generic

Been using Champagne lately upon a recommendation from BammBamm

I guess I could contact Kona Abrasives but even the sheet stuff was pricey.

I know festools has some stuff but I’m looking for stuff with no holes


Time to get busy again



I think i still have my old set that you are welcome to have.  I got to look for them.  I have two Skil 100 planers and one have a shaper barrel. Call me and i’ll look for them.


Try for sanding supplies.