blue or green

I bought a can (1 liter) of silmar 249a resin a couple of weeks ago to do some repairs. now i bought a larger container (5 liters)yesterday. the resin from the small can has a blueish collour but the resin from the lager one seems green. how comes? is it both 249a? as I want to glas my (first) board tomorrow I did some test batches with the resin (greenish one). I took 1cc catalyst (mekp) for 100cc resin (1% so) and it kicked in 10-12 minutes. not exactly what I want for my firts laminiation! I heard you should never use less then 1% catalyst. what should I do? thanks for your help. Z.

Did the green resin say S-249A? The blue color is from the cobalt in the resin that works as a promotor. Occasionally something can go wacky with the raw materials causing color changes to the resin. I guess ONE of the important questions for cosmetics is color difference of the blue versus the green resins once the resin cures. As for the catalyst, there are catalyst that are slightly diluted, Witco (maker of Hipoint 90) makes PD-1 and I THINK Norac’s version is MEKP-30. These initiators are used in summer in hot areas so guys can run at or above 1% in the summer. Don’t know what effect cosmetically they will have in surfboard applications.