Blunt Nose

I have noticed sevral shapers cut off an inch or so at the tip of their noses on short boards. Is this for easier laminating or is there another reason? JT

it’s safer when you hit someone, for one thing.

Hey Safer, and in the windsurf world, an ego stroke that you can ride shorter than ever before. For strong offshore winds, semi pointy still catches the waves, and drops in cleanly, the best.

i trim mine down till it’s a little squared off, just for the reason that i think a straight point looks tacky. doesn’t seem to change anything, just looks cleaner to me, and it might even be a little easier to lam

Always thought that meant that it was a machine shaped blank and no one had the energy to properly finish it. Must be a bitch to glass though, can’t imagine how to cut gores in the glass to cleanly lap that thing. Shit they’re so thin and brittle prolly don’t have any glass anyway. True story: I hit my head on the nose of my board a long time ago and drove myself to Hilo Hospital. No comments about the resulting mental state, thanks, but I don’t make sharp noses any more. Cut myself on the shoulder with a sharp fin once, could have been major serious but wasn’t, don’t make sharp trailing edges any more. Driven my brother to the hospital 3x, myself once. Makes one realize where the hazards are: it’s us.

for some reason or another last summer, a few of the better surfers snapped the noses off of their favorite boards. Not on purpose, obviously, but it happened. A couple of them were about 3 or 4 inches chopped down. Anyhoo, they could not tell the difference performance wise. Looked peculiar but they still worked good as new. Drew

I have a Gordon&Smith 9’ “blunt-nose” shaped by Sali and really like it.

i rounded up the nose of all my boards. there is no change in the performance but it´s much safer

i see guys all the time who are riding withc 5-6 inches of nose chopped off. it really makes no difference to me, actually makes it easier to paddle in some instances. it loweres the nose rocker dramatically on soem boards, like 2-3 inches maybe.

I’ve had couple boards that I’ve broken the nose off and just glassed over. One a 6’4 down to a 5’8 and the other a 6’2 down to a 5’7. Still work pretty much the same. It actually helps you get that little pop when first start paddling. You just hold it with one hand on the nose and dunk it.