Board #4-the Convertable Fish

Here’s a few shots of my latest effort-the “convertable fish”. 5’10.5"x 21.5"x 2 7/8" thick, and the swallowtail is about 14" from point to point. Inspired by Derek Hynd’s interview in Litmus where he states that “a 50/50 rail, with a slightly rolled bottom and low rocker, is the fastest bottom shape.” Fin plugs allow for setup as a twin keel, twin fin, twinzer, or quad. Keels finished with quads on the way! The wide tail makes it really easy to catch waves and provides great planing speed. I’m falling in love with wide tails! I’m 6’2 tall and weigh about 95kg, and have no problems with floatation and wave catching, which makes me think that length is much less important than overall volume in terms of suitability for different sizes and weights. Swaylocks Inspired all the way!


Very cool board. No leash? I like it. Mike

Sic’o…itsa quad or carnard? like the resin tint/swirl…do you have the jig for the FCS? or did you EYE them in? do you have a rocker photo?

thanks TJd

Hey there like the board and the resin tints.

Have you had a chance to try out the different set-ups yet? If yes what are they like and which do you prefer?

Hope you don’t mind me jumping in on this thread with one of my boards but i too have nearly finished a fish with multiple fin set-ups.

It’s 6’0" x 21" x 2 3/8", thinner than yours and i’m hoping i haven’t gone too thin. I’m 6 foot and 79kg.

I’ve gone for the option of single fin, twin fin or a thruster set-up. Fin placement has been entirely guess work and only time will tell if it works. The board still requires a final sand but i’m hoping to get in the surf tonight so that will have to wait, may gloss it at a later stage.



Oh yeah, this is what the rest of the board looks like just after hotcoating.

Cheers KS

Nice fish!

Is that fin setup Chipfish inspired?


heeeeey cody nice board

thats not the one you were riding at meatworks on the weekend???

u gotta give me a few lessons mate, love the resin tints

are ya gonna give me a go



Ben(chipfish) may have mentioned something about a single fin fish. Thought i’d put him out of his misery and fit mine up for a single. I’m hoping he’s going to send me one of his world famous Australian fins so that we can have some swaylocks international fins doing the rounds.

Still working on getting my resin swirls how i want them. Finding them to be a little unpredictable but that’s why i like them so much.



Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone! Mike-there is actually a leash loop, if you look close you can see it tucked into the top of the buttcrack, the shorelines around here tend to eat loose boards for lunch and regurgitate an unsightly wad of cracked and mangled glass and foam when they’re done so unfortunately going leashless is not often a good idea.

TJD-I measured out the fins pretty precisely, a local professional shaper lent me his FCS drilling tools to do the plugs. I don’t have a rocker shot, but it has 3.5" in the nose and just under 1.5" in the tail, and the widepoint, rocker apex, and thickest part of the foil are all at the same point, about 4-6" up from center.

Fishexpert-I actually thought of trying a multiple-setup FCS system quite a while before I saw Ben’s Prawn, which just goes to prove that there’s nothing new under the sun! The resin color was a happy accident, this board actually started with a light aqua green tint but I didn’t like how it turned out and dumped a bunch more onto the bottom and worked an abstract color out of it. The deck is actually tinted very slightly aquamarine, it just doesn’t show up in the pics very well.

Paul-when I ran into you, I was riding my green 5-fin bonzer-I had this one in the car though! You’re welcome to ride it next time we see each other, no worries. Haven’t tried out the 4-fin setup yet, the fins are almost done though so I hope to try them soon. Thanks again for all the kind words!

goody goody gumdrops

i look forward to it …we may get waves this weekend if you come up

Jong just sent me a set of futures for my next board which is half done

looking awsome as gunna do a logo and gloss on it as it is for travel board

Cody , I LIKE it , a lot !! [ So…when are you coming to Perth ?!]

Chris , would you consider putting an extra fcs plug or two ahead of / behind the existing side plugs ? [for the 4 fin option , too.]

Stoked you’ll have it as a single fin !

…let me know how it goes / how you like it , with the single [I like mine !!]

What are the dimensions on yours again , please , Chris ?

cheers Codes and kitey !


so that we can have some swaylocks international fins doing the rounds”…


[great to see people experimenting with fins and setups !!

…maybe you’d like a few fins to play around with too , Cody ? ‘p.m’. me , if you’d like me to send you some also…]