Board Belly

Hi, i’m designing my 5’3 mini simmons, pretty much got everything sussed except the whole belly thing, I just cant really visualise it without any reference and am unsure how extreme or subtle it is and the extend of it (nose to almost halfway?) and how… wide?

If anyone could provide a ‘slice’ view, either by the wrap wire around a board method or digitally that would be absolutely great!

Any general belly info/tips too :slight_smile:

Hi Harryy -

I'm not sure how everybody else is doing it.  Seems as if there are always a couple of ways to skin a cat.

I like to determine where my tail rocker breaks... generally a little ahead of the fins or under my back foot.  A straight edge held lengthwise down the bottom can help determine where it is.  On a recent bellyboard I staged a single concave aft of that line and faded some belly bands ahead of it.  The bellybands were staggered so they were a few inches apart at the nose but faded out to the rail at the tail rocker apex.

Here is a diagram I did awhile back that maybe illustrates the idea.  Your lines and template of course will vary.


Hey Harry, I just finished my first mini simmons and I’m almost done shaping my second. The video on this page shows what’s going on with the hydrodynamica ones:

What I’ve done (better on my second than first) is progressively deepen and widen my rail bands, shallow and almost non existent about 6" up from the tail up to about an inch and a half up and inch and a half in in the nose. Then you can blend that belly as far into the nose as you want with a secondary rail band, or leave a flat section across part of it.

Don’t take my word as gospel though