Board Decision

I’ve been doing some research on buying a new board and I was planning to get an egg in the 6’6 to 7’0 range. I’m torn between using getting a 2-1 fin setup with a standard fin box or should I just get a single fin. Some of the shapers I’ve been researching probably only make that kind of board in a single fin. I live on Long Island where its usually onshore mush.

I’ve only been surfing for 2 years so don’t place too much stock in my advice. That said I have found that i can ask the same question in 3 different surf shops and get 3 different answers.

Regarding fins I have come to believe that most boards - especially when they are intended to be ridden in east coast mush - are sold and surfed with too much fin.

For example I have a new 9’1" longboard that came with a 2+1 setup w/ 8.5" center fin and I’m down to a 6" cut away fin and still have no problems while my speed and control have improved noticeably.

My neighbor takes his center fin out of his 7’ to 8’ boards in just about any size surf without problem.

So if it were me I would go for the 2+1 setup for maximum versatility.

So, with what little I know

You did not metion too much about your experience level but what I have done for a few guys that are newish to surfing is put a third plug in the FCS trailerfin and start with the fin in this forward position this makes the board a bit looser and as they have improved they have moved the fin back to the normal position. I will be trying it out myself soon but from some of the reports I have recieved it has worked well for them. If you go this way you will have to have it custom ordered. Or use more adjustable fin system.

Just an Idea

Good luck

Talk to the shapers too. 1 or 3 fins is not just a matter of plugs & boxes. Boards are designed with a fin set-up in mind. Rocker, tail shape, rail style…all can dramatically affect the interaction of water with fins. Sometimes these factors come together and will work with any number of fin configurations. But other boards, maybe especially those with plugs outside and a box in the middle, may appear to be convertible to singles, but if you ask the shaper you’ll find he thinks its a bad idea.

Go single!

I ride a 6’ 8" egg on Long Island beachies with a single fin. Its all you need being that the waves will generally be mushy when you will be taking such a board out- i am also partial to the feel of a single tho.

SurfLI, i had sent you a message- guess you didnt get it. Try to shape it yourself.