board for peaky waves??

hi everyone… what type board do you guys think works good in peaky beach break?? i am talkin about a wave where you get soo much speed from the take off you usually out run the wave, before you can cutback or make a manuever?? out lines , rockers, etc lets hear what your ideas are??


ano nuevo?

I always thought salinas

was a walled up point break.


gilroy always closes out.

I’d choose one of

  1. a 13 foot olo board

2)a shaping rookies first wooden board attempt appx. 9ft Bonzer

3)paddle board kook box

A big guy tri

or an egg

perhaps a high rockered tail with lots of outline curve… eg slower or more drag!

that sounds good bout the tail rocker… should also make the board turn “QUICKER” , so you dont out run the short shoulder?? makes sense to me thanks…

You need a board with dynamic displacement.

This is a 6’10" baby noserider prototype that Dick Brewer made me. It started as an 8’0" blank, that was turned around to use the nose rocker for the tail. Tons of tail rocker. Super loose. I love this board.

I’m with feraldave… something with a lot of rocker.

I’d approach it by thinking about what will let me take of behind the peak, and go right into a steep, bowling section. So I’d want rocker, flex and hold. Maybe a thin, stringerless, rounded pin, quad.