board length-aussies going shorter?

I read something in a current magazine that said some of the Australian shapers, after superbank-testing their boards, are going a little bit shorter. What other dimensions would be altered then for the new trend? A little wider/thicker? Rocker? I had previously thought that the length wasn’t all that important as long as it was a few inches, but supposing you have a set shortboard shape, what differences in ride are achieved by subtracting two inches? How about adding two?

Hi bry,

People may disagree with me here but personally, I find a big difference in between the responsiveness of different length boards - even when this difference is just an inch. Remember, work=forceXlength.

swing weight…rotational inertia…something longer has more rotational inertia to overcome…

comes back to conditions ,shorter is not always better …forget trends and use what you need ,to get the most out of the conditions…

short is fine if the waves have no sections ,but if long sections are droping .a little more length will allow a more drawn bottom turn ,and also allow you to place your nose onto a dirty pitching lip ,once you get the front of the board onto the section the rest will follow through…where as short can leave you being slammed back down before you get your nose onto the lip…



It totally depends on design, in my opinion. I had a 6,6 that worked great in just the right conditions, but I got tired of it bogging in mushy surf. It was one of those ultralight, high rocker deals that had to have fast, hollow waves, but even then it was hard to (as a previous chap wrote) draw out a bottom turn to get around sections.

The shortest board I ride now is a 6,10, and it’s the best shortboard I ever owned. It has a wider body 21.5, a wider than usual nose (14.5) and a wide tail (15.5), tripple wing swallow tail (with a small trailing fin). It is 2.5 inches thick, which is actually fairly thin.

It planes so well that it works in all conditions, hollow and mushy. So, even though it is “longer” it performs better than a short, little wiggly board that I see the kids hopping up and down on everywhere.

But the pros can get away with that because they weigh a little more than the average house cat. :wink:

what type of rocker did you go with? any bottom contour?