Board No.1 Done!

Hi All

Just finished my first board and would like to thank all Swaylockians for your inspiration and information.

It was a great learning experience.

Click here if you want to see some pics . . . (mine’s the quad) . . .



Great photos and an outstanding board for a #1. Never would have known. Post up a ride report when you get the chance. What kind of fins did you use? What were the positions?

Congrats again. It’ll feel good doing your first turns on a board you made…

Hi llilbel03

Thanks for your positive comments!

I used FCS SF-4s.

Re positioning. There’s heaps of options/alternatives out there. I just did a bit of reseacrh and did what I thought would be best. (Sorry it�s in metric � You might need to convert the measurements) . . .

Rear fins

Distance from tail: 140mm

Distance in from outside edge: 44mm

Toe in: 6mm (I think it was 2� from the nose).

Cant: 4�

Front fins

Distance from tail: 290mm

Distance in from outside edge: 32mm

Toe in: 9mm (2� from nose)

Cant: 6�

I actually made the board for my 17 year old son. I�ll let you know he goes on it soon.