Board restoration question


Hi all,

I picked up a board for next to nothing from a friend the other day and it needs quite a bit of work doing. I think he used nitromors paint remover on the board and it seems to have eaten through the resin to reveal the pattern of the fibreglass cloth underneath. Here are some photos:


I was wondering if I need to add some more resin over the top to waterproof the board again? If someone could explain the process including how much resin I would need that would be great.


Muchly apprechiated


Yes, where you can see the weave of the glass water will wick through and waterlog, it will also give you crazy rash and itch problems. My advice, You’ll need to clean the board up first. Take all wax/dirt/scum off…then take some sand paper to it, 80 grit will work, try to sand the board down to where you can see the weave everywhere without sanding through the weave, then clean the board off, wipe it down, blow it off, wipe with some alcohol, just clean it, then look throug the archives for how to hotcoat… Check for more advice

Thanks, there is more work than I first thought but I’ll start tomorrow. Would you recommend using a powertool for sanding or simply doing it by hand? (please say powertool!)

I would use a power sander, but be careful it gets the job done faster but easier to make mistakes. Just sand to expose the weave, any more than that it will make weak spots… Hand sanding works too… 

Orbital sander will help you minimize the mistakes…