Board shipped from SF to australia?

Hi im from sydney, would like to buy one or two Mandala boards but not sure how bad/good shipping will be.

Also as im heading off to indo for a few months, and im taking my fish for anything below 5foot, do you think his round tail quad would be a good step up

or his 2+1 semi widow maker, as a step up board from a guy whos used to fish, not thrusters.

Shipping pretty ridiculous. Going the other way, Bruce Hart/Flashpoint KB gets several to ship in one box and reciepients split the cost and that drops it a fair bit. One board probably over $300 for shipping I think. I checked a year or so ago for single board and don’t remember exact amount but it was huge.

You could pay as much for shipping as the board itself. It’s really pricey.

For the price of freight, you could make a couple yourself…

You’ve got a couple of months…

Think about it, lots of support here…

Thanks guys.

Well i have a friend in detroit who might come back for chrissy… but Detroits too far away.

I think ill get Neil Purchase jnr or Michael Mackie to shape me something similar.