Board / Surf Conditions

Hi, I have been surfing for a little while. I originally started on a mini mal and then progressed unto a 7’ short-board design squash tail. What I have been looking for, for some time now is a decent explanation as to what kind of boards are to be used under which conditions ? What is a good board for a beach break ? How would I benefit from a 6’6" board ? etc Any URL links or explanations would be very very welcome. Thanks

I guess you need to ask yourself what your physical endurance will allow, can you catch waves easily? then go smaller/narrower. Having trouble catching your share? Go thicker/wider…I ride a jacking beachbreak with long and shortboards, including a 5’10" Fish. I’d treat yourself with a whole quiver of boards. It’s expensive at first, but they all will last longer and every session is FRESH!!!