board weight

aproximatly how much would a 6’3"x 18 1/2x 2 1/4" weigh for what is considered light medium and heavy glass jobs? asuming a clark superlight blank and 2 top and 1 bottom with 4 oz and a sanded hotcoat? is there a big difference in strength between light and heavy glass jobs?

Yes, light wieght boards break more easier. Notice next time you see a broken board where ever you happen to surf. Chances are its gonna be a board with a pinner glass job. Yours will be on the weak end of things, does’nt mean it wont work.

What is a pinner glass job?

Luke egan was testing some new superlight boards last year, hollow high density foam and glassed the normal way, not epoxy, l felt the one he had ridden and it was very very light and l was impressed how strong it was, pretty high tec shit, but Luke recons that it was to light and that it had no drive and didn’t like it, weight is momentum and we tend to be forgetting that. You want to go higher and faster through the air then build up your leg muscles to handle the weight and power. KR

When a surfer asks for a super light board I usually start by asking him to loose the beer belly. When they ask what that has to do with it I tell them that I can only knock a couple lbs off of a board and with a great loss of longevity. They, however, can often trim 10+ lbs with a great gain in longevity! If they still want a super light board I ask for twice the price. So when they come back in a month I have the replacement ready already!

Pinner means; small/little/not enough/crappy/lame, but in this case I suppose it means light. Carl