Bonehead mistake

Well, I am about to pour the hotcoat on a board but I left the brushes outside after I cleaned them. Here comes the bonehead mistake; I am using UV resin so instead of leaving the cup with the resin inside I am still holding it when I go outside to get the brush. As you can guess already, by the time I go back inside the entire cup is starting to gel…oh well, at least I didnt pour it on the board before I looked at it again.

Experience gained is in proportion to equipment (or materials) ruined. The best one can hope for is a large proportionality factor.


Here’s one. The first time I mixed my own surfacing agent into the lam resin to make hotcoat resin I put 10 oz. of surfacing agent instead of 10 cc’s. Started mixing it and noticed it didn’t look like sanding resin. I had the sense not to pour it on my board, but put it in the sun(UV). It formed a domed shaped crust and got very hot. The crust cracked and it started smoking. I put the stuff out in the middle of the drive way because I thought it might explode. My daughter and I enjoyed this for while with the understanding we weren’t going to tell mom. Mike

hicksy’s three daughters loved the crackling sound of their resin art smoking …until one put the cup too close to her ear , and realised "crackling sound + smoke = heat being given off ! " [you shoulda seen how quick the little medicine cup dropped from her hand …good ol’ copmpassionate ben pissed myself …[well , metaphorically speaking …the aussie expression would translate to the english as "I laughed somewhat loudly and heartily , old chap ! "]

…don’t tell Grant , whatever you do …