Bonzer center box placement

how far from the tail does the center fin box go on a Bonzer? standard 6'2" shortboard shape... i have a blank but, i don't know if i have the thickness for the center box... depends on how far from the tail it needs to go. thanks in advance...


on another note, who's  watching shark week? best week for TV all year! woo hoo! ... did anyone see the dolphins trying to get away from the Orcas in S.A.? holy smokes, they were HAULING! i've never seen anything like that before. it was amazing!

4.5 is for the fin box not fin just to be clear.


i dont know anything about bonzers but i am however watching sharkweek :slight_smile: its been pretty good so far

i've been watching it for so long, i always look forward to seeing new footage. good stuff this year

4.5 inches from the tail.

hi, standard placement should be to give a minimum of 5 3/4 inches from the rear of the fin to the tail , i would probabally go with 5 1/2 - 5 1/4 just to give a better range of fin movement on a board that size but still have 5 3/4 as the middle sweet spot , pete

thanks guys... i'm gonna go measure the blank now


4.5 is for the fin box not fin just to be clear.


ha ha, thanks Girvin... yah, i understood... it's going to be tight but, i should have the room... i read what you and PeteUK posted, and checked this ... i'm going to have look at one up close to check the concaves. i've only ever seen a couple actual MC Bonzers in person. i have a tough time visualizing what i read. i'm much better at seeing it and then trying to repeat it.