bonzer longboard fin set up

i would like some advice on fin set up and placement on 9ft 22width bonzer longboard .currently riding it with 6.5 True Amess however it feels it needs a little more drive .obvious would be the 7" ,however someone has suggested an 8’'.Also with the set up does the centre fin always stay leading edge level with rear of trailing edge fins or can it be moved up or down like the 2 +1.while we are at it can the four small keels be moved around .Having a great time with the board and it has improved my surfing -so my wife says but i think she wanted shoes-and i would recommend them .thanks

try it for yourself is the only way to find whats best for you

the beauty of a back finbox … you could try it like this positioning in the photos [thruster type setup positions] , move the fin half way up in the box , or all the way forward in the box , so that the leading edge of the back fin is in line pretty much with the trailing edge of the side runners .

… fun fun fun !



thanks chipfish for the reply.what size fin would you recommend as we know they are not cheap.I am thinking 8’’