Boomerang fin

…about 9 years ago I did a board for a friend with a boomerang fin, but a smaller one, like the size of a sidebite…

…the front fins had a flex tip…the shape was 6 3 x 18, small “hook” tail with lots of tail rocker and tail kick (3") and a hip …

…the boards turn really well in smaller radius, pivot quickly and had good small tube riding (I think this is a rare thing, due to the extreme tail kick…)



Here’s my version of one, It’s called Negative “G”.

The shape was inspired by photos my friends Jeff shared with me.

He’s a Marlin fisherman.

No Worries, Rich

I purchased a Greenough Stage VI about a year ago for my single fin stinger, and it loosened up the board. It kept the same amount of drive, if not more, and it still just gets up and goes without any input from me (no pumping.) And now cutbacks, bottom turns, little reos off the foam are so much easier with the paddle fin. I have had nothing but good results from this fin, and any future single fins will be getting a Stage VI put in them from the start.