Bosch Cordless Planer

New product … avoiding the cord hangups seems like a good thing and mowing foam doesn’t seem too demanding. The 18V version goes for about $200. Bit less for the 14.4V. Thinking about taking the plunge for occasional board making. Any feedback appreciated.

Just fyi - Harbor Freight has a cordless planer, similar to the Bosch for cheap. I think the cordless planers might be great for board shaping. Power - the main problem with cordless tools (to Me) - should not be a huge issue with mowing foam - as opposed to trimming and squaring doors/wood. But, as with any battery operated tool, you need at least one extra battery to continue working for any length of time.

I think we had this conversion going about 2 years ago?Herb

you are correct Herb… I had a strange sense of de-ja-vu as I typed… the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end is the beginning. (man - I need to get in the water!)

heard that ericj- flat spell been goin toooo long- hopefully swell will arrive soon for southern califonia- people are gettin crazy from lack of surf. hope spmeone out there gets some.

Worse yet. There have been some waves here (NY) in the past few days, but I’ve been stuck with other responsibilities recently and only able to drool from a distance. Oh- well - another low approaches for the weekend, maybe I’ll get my opportunity. Hope you get a fat south swell to make things work out there shaper.

even worse… between 74 degree water, boarding house, ron jon commercials, etc etc it’s been so crowded here in l.a. it’s nut’s.seems every beach has a surf school. i can’t wait for winter…

…That’s why nature makes long dry spells… …to weed out the weak.Herb

O.K. Herb…maybe we ought to get one and have you do some modifications, use a normal planer for the heavy foiling and the battery job for rail bands and such.Makita had one but it sucked. R.B.

Batter operated cars suck at this point, do you guys actually think that a battery operated planer is going to work long hours before a recharge, nO!

I was thinking it may work for the lighter stuff.With an extra battery one might have a nice new toy to play around with.I have an 18 volt drill that I really like a lot. R.B.