Bosch Planers safety switch modified

Guys, I have checked the archives for information regarding planers and ended up buying a Bosch (model pho 2582 - that’s in Australia don’t know if you have same models in the US or other parts of the world). Anyway I was disappointed to find that it had a safety switch unlike my old Towa which had a button on the side of the trigger that you could push in to hold the trigger on ie. you don’t have to squeeze the trigger while planing. I decided to try and modify the switch (also noticed other posts in the archives talking about these safety switches - I think some guys even tape up the switch so its permanently on). I don’t know if this is old news to you guys but I found that if you take the switch mechanism out of the planer and pull off the cover plate with the safety button on it (held on by clips) pull out the button and spring and turn the button 180 degrees and put it back in the switch works like my old Towa planer ie. you can lock it on by pressing in what was the safety switch with the trigger depressed. No need to tape it up. Hope this helps.