bottom countours for 9' 0"

I’m making a 9’ n:16" w:22.5" t:15" single or possible 2+1. I’m planning on down rails, right now the bottom is flat. I’m worried that it might be hard to go rail to rail, and I might catch a rail while surfing. Any thoughts, suggestions? Also the blank I used was an 10’ 80’s windsurf (lots of planing).

I’m trying to upload photos w/ a mac.

Here we go. Still can’t seem to get a pictured posted.

I am a newbie at all of this and their are some real experts on this forum that can steer you in the right direct. Just give them more info to work with. It’s all comes down to what you are looking to get out of your board. Noserider? Performance? Cruiser? Hard or soft rails? How much nose rocker and tail rocker?

Nothing wrong with flat but at a minimum, you may want to put some vee in the last 24 to 36 inches of tail.

RandR Thanks for the reply. I’m not looking for a noserider. I just kind of experimenting with down rails versus my Yater spoon, and Velzy. One thing I’m concerned about with vee is that tippy feeling with no drive. The rocker is minimal. I spiled it off a Pavel 8’ 0" then lenghtened it out where it looked most reasonable, several inches in front of the wide point, then faired it back in.

I like a flat bottom in longboards but if your worried about catching rails add a little vee.