Bought my first planer today, need help.

While picking up some home supplies today I came across an “open box” table of tools. There was a Hitachi

P20SB planer that was obviously the display model on sale for $49.00. After some real effort from the hardware

clerk to find the box and anything else, like the manual, I left with only the planer. Unfortunately that is all there

is…no blades, no attachments. After some searching online I find out that this is the same model being sold as

the Clark Foam planer, but without modifications. I also found blades ranging from $15-$35. Any suggestions on

how to best get this planer set up for shaping? The spiral barrel available from Foam-EZ seems a bit pricey for a

rookie like myself. Will the stock blades work just as well for PU and PE? If the answers are in the archives just

send me the links, thanks.

Stock blades will be OK, go back to the shop and look again, the blades are usually fitted ready to go, maybe they took them off for the display so people wouldn’t cut themselves, bound to be in a drawer somewhere…

Get a couple of sets… saves rummaging around when you need to replace them…

or try messaging Richard Landingham at LAP Extreme here on the board. He has some blades with carbide cutting edges that work like a barrel, but dont heat up and melt foam. I think 250-300 a set, and they shouldnt dull for awhile… like 10 years of regular use maybe a lifetime of irregular use, but Im not the man to be making those claims.