Brewer , McTavish ,Hynson interview - Going Vertical

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An interesting watch but you need a spare half hour.

There're a couple of shorter versions in the more videos column 

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wow’’    i am  glad old spiner clariefied the wee bit   (acid)   haa bob theres the reason i never got to close to you lot.

** a quote by nat that has me puzzled?


 We started off in the power school of surfing with rounds, which was developed by McTavish, and then I found out later on that V bottoms could be more sensitive so we worked on them, and the board I took back for the sixty-six, sixty-seven Makaha Surfing Championship had a V in it, and that was over a year and a half ago."

and subsequently:

“(McTavish) was directly responsible for the continuation of my idea, the V-bottom surfboard.”

 Why was Nat riding rounds at San Diego 66 and Bells 67?

who is it standing in front of the fj onthe hill noosa?

just askin

**      cheers huie

Thanks for Posting. It is a miracle that Mike Hynson is still alive.