broke the nose off my board

Can anyone suggest the best way to fix this myself…or is it something I should get professionally done? (I have fixed minor dings but i’m not great).

Basically i broke off a 2 inch triangle from the left side of the nose.

one more pic

It is up to you, It isn’t hard to fix but will take time to do right. If you haven’t got the right equipment then it will become expensive to replace. Personally I would charge about 50 bucks for ding like that so workout the math. if you have a really good local repairer go for it.

Fill out your profile so we know where you’re located…

Might be someone nearby that could/would help you out…

Not a tough fix - just needs a little finesse.

Is this PU or epoxy? I think i would remove the glass and take off the crushed foam down to the stringer. Assuming the stringer is still good, i would glue a new piece of foam to the stringer and old foam. Once hard, i would shape the new foam. then just reglass, sand, hot coat, sand, polish, surf!


you could sand/grind some of the deck-side glass. ( near the crack)

apply tape on the bottom side.

clamp the triangle back to original place and shape using wooden sticks and clamps.

mix thin slurry ( microbaloon+ PE/epoxy) and fill the crack and let cure.

then unclamp and remove the tape from the bottom side.

if u need to fill some gaps on deck or bottom, do it with thick slurry.

sand down back to original shape.

glass is.

sand it.

surf it.

it’s as easy as it sounds and shouldn’t take more than 1.5 hour work (neto).

good luck,