Broken nose on blank -What's the solution?

13th board was bound to be bad luck…I was trying a new planer technique and blew it. About 3 inches of nose popped cleanly off. It fits perfectly back in place.

What, if any, is the solution?

Gorilla Glue? Epoxy? Turn 6’10" into grom semi gun?

Just epoxy it on and go with it. I guess it depends on how light you intend to glass it. You could always turn it into the 6-10 if it breaks off again in the surf.

A very small amount of GG,CA(super glue), or 5 minute epoxy with some white pigment mixed in.

Just put the glue in the middle stay away from the edges and tape.

Easy fix, glass will hold it all together.


Howzit Larva, Zapagap or hot glue.Aloha,Kokua

got it.



i hate when that happens. (Not that i’d admit it ever did) but it sucks nonetheless.

my vote for thick Zap, or if you have time, epoxy with white, but very little on the part,

tape tightly, let set overnight.

Just glue it back on. Once its glassed you will never know the difference. I got a semigun from Bill Johnson for free that the same thing happened to. But only some shop rat broke it off some how (thats what I was told anyway). His loss, my gain…the board surfs great.


hold in place for 60 seconds and start shaping again

minimized glue line obstruction

…in the words of the immortal jackie Gleason,


of course accompanied by a little traveling music from sammy

dat da dat da da dada ta dadaaaa


by the time you read this

you may have achieved

an appreciation for

minimalized glue line


as well as 0:60 seconds

Oh no !!!

It’s trash,just give it to me…lol.

And if the glue line does show - well, then you’ve got free license to do some out-there super trippy sray job…

Go wild.