Brucker shapes ,Master Shaper series Videos

Jim Phillips,master shaper of the video series together with Rodger Brucker have decided to get the ball rolling on the videos of how to shape, glass and produce classic longboards. Shooting will be starting in Jan/Feb 2002. Videos will be ready by spring. Anyone interested in these videos and seeing some of Rodger’s present shapes and color work , please visit the site of … If interested in some of the Brucker boards,feel free to e-mail me Rodger Brucker, at Thanks and enjoy. Rodger Brucker.

Rodge and Jim…went to the damascus site to put in for the reserve, but It wouldn’t “take”…Have you a or address for the reg. mail?! Could you guys post it, please?! (You’re gonna need it to receive your buckets 'o cash!..{and there WILL be!}). I like the idea that you’re gonna produce in DVD…put me down for one of each “session”! Thanks,… Tom.