Is BUFFALO’S BIG BOARD SURFING CLASSIC open to the public? How would a haole from Oceanside go about entering?

Ya’ pays ya’ money and rides nuttin’ smaller than an 11 footer.

[ and do you need to get on a plane and fly to hawaii…is THAT where they hold it ?]


Did you guys see the “Buff” sittin’ ‘round the beach fire playin uke in this weeks’ episode of “North Shore”? I’m pretty sure it was the man in another $500 stance. McDing

The last I heard, the Buffalo Big Board Classic is scheduled for the first two weekends of March. You might try calling Russ K Makaha at (808) 951-7876 for specifics about which events will be held on which weekends. They might be able to send or fax an entry form to you. You might also ask for some information about the various tricks that you have to try to do.

Yes, the contest is open to haoles. But do keep in mind, for the locals, this is their backyard, their home - show respect and you will very likely have a really fun time. I think Jim pointed out that you have to ride an 11’ board for the contest - he’s right. Some of these guys ride big boards all of the time and they rip. But this contest is not about ripping, it’s about doing weird tricks . . . and having a good time.

If you have any other questions about the event, where to stay, etc., get back to me and I’ll try to help.

I ride an 11’-0", I have airfare, now all I need to do is enter.

Thanks, I’ll call Russ. I ride an 11’-0" and I know a few tricks but probably not as tricky as the Hawaiians. I just want to have fun while I’m over on Oahu. I still need to find a place to stay in March and a cheap car. Got any ideas?

Say whaa?

maybe that was the cheap car you asked about… I usually rent from Budget at the Honolulu airport, rental cars on Oahu seem pretty cheap to me compared to most places I go. I’m sure there are cheaper options, “rent a wreck” type deals too…

Oh. That’s what it was. Anyway, I’d like to find a Rent-a Wreck type rental. How about renting a pick-up truck and camping out? Have you ever done that?

I have not, but I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t.

Talk to Al & Ann Shaver. We’ve stayed out here several times. It’s right at Makaha, and you can shop for groceries down the road in Waianae.


If you want to stay in Town, and don’t mind the drive out to the West Side everyday, The Royal Grove is pretty nice; clean but nothing fancy - more Aloha for your buck and a five minute walk to Queens. Talk to Tim Fong. A better deal if you’re there for Summer surf.


I like the security of renting a compact from one of the major companies.