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I just checked the "watch this post link."  I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the build.  Are you going to bring the

I just checked the "watch this post link."  I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the build.  Are you going to bring the boards

I just checked the "watch this post link."  I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the build.  Are you going to bring the boards to

I just checked the "watch this post link."  I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the build.  Are you going to bring the boards to Plaskett

Wow!  I just made 14 identical posts with one press of the button.  Will this have a negative impact on my points?


ha ha, right on Swied... the plan was to have at least one of these done to take to Plaskett but, realistically, that's just not going to work out. stoked you're going though. are you gonna bring your balsa fish and  speedy red board?

templates! the round-tail is 2/3's Lis Fish straight from the "Surfboard_Design_And_Construction_Book" the rear 1/3 is part of a template that i already had. it's a hair over 5'6". after this pic, i ended up pulling the tail in some more for a smoother curve to the stringer... the squash i designed on BoardCad. i want to net a 6'2" so the template is 6'2 1/2". width will be 18 3/4". i tried something with this template that i don't think i will ever do again. i took measurements every 2" off of BoardCad and plotted them out on my masonite, connected all the dots then cut. what a hassle. i've had decent luck in the past bending a batten to make templates, and i think i'll stick with that from now on... the thumb tail will be for the "fish" blank and  the 6'2" i plan to use on the other 2 blanks. the plan is for one to be a standard thruster (probably have a quad option) with a milder version of Mike Daniels' Coil foil. the foils on his boards on the Coil review thread are so sweet. lot's of people have comlained about T-Flex boards being stiff and i don't want to skimp on the build schedule for the sake of flex so, foil seems like the logical answer... the plan for the other 6'2" is to make a Bonzer 5. i've always like the looks and reviews of those. Yorky's_Bonzer_Thread and Llillibel's stoke on them really got me amped to finally do one. the concaves kinda scare me though. especially since i've never really checked out the concaves on too many bonzer. i saw one at the Mollusk shop in San Francisco a couple weeks back and was surprised that they weren't as extreme as i had thought. hopefully there will be a bonzer at Plaskett again this year. SrPato brought one last year hopefully he will bring it again this year.

Chrisp, great thread so far. I’ll be watching this one with particular interest because I have a similar build planned. I’m interested to see how the xps rails work out. I know it’s been done before, does anyone have any long term reports on a t-flex with xps rails? Do you still have to worry about delam issues with the xps?


...are you gonna bring your balsa fish and  speedy red board?


That's the plan, plus the new 10' retro balsa gun. 

I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to get all those boards up there, though.  The speedy red board doen't have a vent, and I'm a little worried about how it is going to do strapped to my roof while driving up through LA and on the 101.

hey Cool hand Luke:

This thread has me pumped. I've continued to wallow in my cruddy ways, bending rocker into insulation sheets.  I must get hot wired up!

Now Chris... you are my man, but I've gotta be frank on one point.  The 6'2'' template looks sick.  However...

The 5'6'' needs a few more passes with the planer to blend the front and back.  I feel the widepoint is forced a little forward as well.  Knowing what goes into these boards, I propose rocking back and thinking about that template a bit more. 

From my persepective, if you combine that wide point with a MD style staged foil, you will run into some noticeable pitch/balance issues, especially when paddling.  Ask me how I know... hehe.

Keep up the good work (during naps and after bedtime-- as I know well brother!)



Sbvfive: stay tuned for the XPS rails. they're done already, i just need to find time to post the pics. i don't think i'd do them this way again as i will explain when i get there... as far as delam, read some of Surfding's comments about XPS. seems like he's got it pretty well sussed out by not fine sanding the XPS. only sand to 60 and call it good. Grasshopper has done some really clean looking XPS rails. i wish mine looked as good as his. maybe they will look better after shaping.

Swied: cool, looking forward to meeting you and checking those boards out.

Hunter: i'm stoked that you're stoked on the thread, some of your threads are my very favorites and i've gone back through them more than a few times. and, thank you for your input... yah, hotwiring is so cool! you gotta do it, all the cool kids are doing it! after i've brought this thread current with where i'm at, we can take an aside and maybe have an open discussion about the 5'6"? i'm open to yours and others input and nothing is set in stone yet. that particular board was going to have a really thick foil nose to tail. maybe even beak the nose. it is planned to be a mushbuster. head-high and under. the only board that i had *planned * on emulating the Coil Foil on is the 6'2" thruster... all 3 of these boards are going to go on the back burner though as i have a wanna-be Griffin 5 that i'm working on now (remember the PM i shot you a while back?). i want to get the wanna-be Griffin in the water by the beginning of Sept. for a camping trip. i will resume the timberflex builds after the Plaskett Creek get-to-gether at the end of September. and, actually, i'm seriously considering adding one more T-Flex to the mix... maybe do them like they do in detroit: shape 'em all, then bag 'em all, then glass 'em all, then fin 'em all...

Great thread Chris....

I read your stuff and think about that block of foam the San Diego crew bought a few years back......We made a lot of mistakes but also learned quite a bit along the way.....Keep sharing my friend.....Can't wait to see the rails....

Mark,Tim and I have been playing around glassing some boards.....Too funny....We're half way done glassing a board for Tim.....Old 2000 RR lam , CE hot coat , KK 2nd hot coat (gloss)....We've got it all.....

Have fun!



thanks Karl, i may need to do that to template the blanks.

Sbvfive, i found  this

it lists Approximately 120-130 lb/1,000 ft2 for 1” thickness ... ???

ok, XPS rails... in Bert's_Epic_Thread, he adds foam rails with the vacuum back and the rocker bed. i've also heard of people adding foam rails with saran or shrink wrap. i decided to go the wrap method with these. Oneula, CJ3 and Lavarat were very helpful via PM with tips about how to go about this. CJ3 told me to make some relief cuts in the XPS so that when it wraps around the nose and tail curves, it doesn't break. i forgot to do this and got some breakage on the thumbtail. funny thing, the xps broke in the same place on both sides of the board. the xps is 1" from Home Depot. first i marked out the blanks with a center "stringer" and a line parrallel to that 1" on either side.




next, i laid out my templates and drew my outline1" narrower on each side than what the finished board is supposed to be to compensate for the 1" xps rails... actually, i used the thickness of the sharpee line, which is about 1/8", to draw the templates about 7/8" narrower on each side than what i wanted the finished board to be. this way, after the xps rails are added, the blank will be 1/8" wider on each side than the target dims. i will have some room for cleaning up the outline.





now i cut out the narrow boards and trued up the outline. with my Pleskunas sanding block. this Pleskunas block is the best thing i've found for sanding EPS. it worked really well on the XPS too. Benny1 showed them to me a while back. much better than sand paper IMO. i don't have any pics of the narrow blanks cut out but, you get the picture...


now to cut out the XPS rails... pictures are pretty self explanatory. the knife didn't cut all the way through the foam but it's kinda like sheetrock. cut most of the way, then break it and you're good. be careful when breaking out the nose and tail sections, i had to redo some because they broke. per instructions i got from Oneula, CJ3, and Lavarat, i used my rocker templates to cut the XPS. i kinda extended past the nose and tail a little to account for the extra length needed due to the radius of the curve in the outline when they will get glued on the blanks. edit: oh yah, i cut outside of the line so i'd have a little extra. this proved to be a good move later.






next, i smoothed out the rocker bottoms of the rail pieces with the Pleskunas block. i didn't spend too much time here, just took out any bumps from my shaky knife hand. then, i put one of the blanks on my shaping racks and mocked up the rails around it. i bent them to see that they would go all the way nose-to-tail and, when i had them where i liked them, i marked them like this:



so that when i went to glue them on the blanks, i just had to line them up on the sharpee lines and knew that they would be good.

i also marked each blank 1, 2, and 3. and i marked each rail piece 1L, 1R, 2L, 2R, 3L, 3R

Cool thread. You can hot wire the xps rails too. 

Really interesting so far! Any idea what the density of the xps is? The HD and lowes around here seem to only carry the thinner sheets that are rated 15 psi. I think it must have to do with the climate where i live.