Burning Bubinga? It hurts!

I was on the beach today with my family near Cotton’s point. After a late lunch we had a fire as the sun started to set. My brother pulled out a stack of large cut off’s of Bubinga and threw some of the pieces in the fire. Being a wood worker and making tail blocks now and again I freaked out. My daughter know my love of working with wood took the balance of the Bubinga and bagged it for me to bring home. There was not way I was going to let that kind of wood burn. After seeing the first stack go up in flames I made sure it was only Douglas fir cut off that went into the fire. 

Might look good with a little charr on it!

I will make some tail block from what was saved. Charr can look kind of cool!

one of the local builders had his logo made on a metal poker so he can get it hot on the fire and then char the wood boards with it…way better than a lam logo over wood, imo.

Excellent Ideal!

That’s probably the most expensive beach fire of the year. I was working on Picfair a famous house in Beverly Hills right after Laker owner Jerry Buss sold it. We did several rooms in: curly maple, black walnut, padouk, and bubinga. At the end of the day, those pricks used to search our lunch boxes to make sure we weren’t going home with any!  Bottom line… My buddies and I have some beautiful abolone inlays in our BUBINGA fingerboards. They play REAL Nice! There are several ways to skin the kitty!

When I lived in Africa (Sierra Leone) I was shocked to see people burning mahogany for firewood.  They didn’t know the value of the wood, only that they needed to cook…

Llilibel, Same same throughout So. and Central Americas. In the early 80’s at least.

My brother lives near the Nixon White House and the homes there are pretty high end. The Bubinga was use in a custom beach house. He had some 8’ foot timbers left over stash for me and was just trying to freak me out when he started throwing pieces in the fire. He got my attention for sure. Libby’s experience living abroad keeps things in perpective.

However here in the USA we have no excuse for burning precious wood.