Can anyone explain the function of the different tail shapes

please? Squash, pin. rounded pin, etc. especially as it relates to a longboard. Thanks in advance!

There are two significant factors in tail shape design, the curve and the surface area. The straighter the tail the more drive, the rounder the tail the more hold. Larger surface area gives more manouverability in smaller waves but a smaller tail area gives better control in larger surf. SWALLOW TAIL The straighter tail shape gives drive and leverage for squarer turns. PIN TAIL Straight lines provide good hold and drive making this perfect for big waves and long arcing turns. It lacks manouverability in smaller waves. ROUNDED PIN TAIL Straight lines provide good hold and drive making this perfect for big waves. The rounder shape gives more manouverability. ROUND TAIL More curve gives a good hold in round waves and its extra width increases manouverability. SQUARE TAIL Straighter sides for more drive with increased area and flat edges to allow for snappier turns. Mini-Mals and Longboards have wide and narrow options. ROUNDED SQUARE TAIL The best all purpose tail shape. It combines straighter lines with increased surface area to give both drive and manouverability. SQUASH TAIL This has most of the manouverability of a round tail but with some extra drive like a rounded square tail.

Never fully distinguished the difference in looks of a squash tail and a rounded square tail. Got any examples?

Yea, they are pretty much the same thing.

You guys have some great uses for the different tail blocks. However, the original post asked in regards to a LONGBOARD, so snappy turns and drive probably aren’t factors. If the board will be a single fin, I see guys using round pins mostly (guys who know how to ride the things). All the squash tail logs have 2 + 1 arangements, but most of the guys I see with these run them as singles, so the squash is a waste in those situations. When the waves get over 15 feet, pin tail single fin logs are the only ones I see out in the water. The crotchety old-time log riders swear by single fins, so if you want to stick with the old guys go with a more drawn out tail like a round pin. Nothing looks more unusual than a young guy on a thinned out mini-log thruster trying to snap the nose around like a shortboard, so I would say don’t bother with a square or squash tail and 2 + 1 arrangement. Go standard thruster fins if the board will be under 9’0", otherwise go single. Round pin would be a good tail to use in either size range IMHO.