Ok. I live in Sydney, Australia not Baja, Mexico. However I do know where there is about 1/2 a dozen agave plants that

have dead flower stalks on them. Is it worthwhile cutting these stalks to try and make a wooden surfboard?

They are in a public place so I’ll have to act fast as the local council will probably cut them down and throw them out.

How long does it take for these stalks to dry out fully and is there a particular way I should store them so they don’t split?

Also, how many stalks would you need to make a board around 6’6".

The stalks are quite big a fatter than I would have expected about 9" wide at the base.

Any info anyone has regarding making a board out of these things would be great and please post pics of the finished


thanks, JD.

Those stalks sound perfect.

I would definatly harvest them…and do it quick!

They could already be dry, if not, the wetest wood takes about a year to dry in our climate. could be a bit faster/slower for you.

Keep them in a cool dry place to dry they say.

I’d try to find a lumber kiln to speed the process if you could.

I have about 6 stalks myself, but some are as thin as 4" and I figure I have 3/4 of a surf board, so if those stalks are thick enough, that could ossibly be enough wood.

When you get the stalks, post again and I’ll run you through what I know (milling, construction, shaping)

which is mostly theoretical, I’ve seen it done, but have yet to start.



Thanks Rhino. They are about an hours drive away from my place so I won’t be doing it right away.

I 'm just trying to figure out how many I would need so I can work out how I am going to transport them.

I’m guessing they would be quite sticky so my wife won’t be too impressed if I get sap all over the stationwagon.

cheers, JD

I say get them and figure it out later.

you will need to dry them and while you are doing that, you can keep an eye out for more.

it’s hard to know exactly how many you need untill you actually have them.

I think the average is 8 or so.

6 in one spot is a goldmine.

Sap is not much of a prolblem, just don’t get it on your skin, as it can cause rashes.

The thing to wach out for is those killer succlulent leaves with the death spikes.

Live trees fall like trees, the dried ones fall like tooth picks.

People say that working with agave can get painful, so do an archive search if you are not sure about making the board just to give you an idea of what you are getting into.

I’m excited to start my agave project though, not too worried about the splinters people keep telling me about…untill i get one maybe. but free lumber is hard to pass up, and agave is sooo much more colorfull than balsa.

good luck

Be careful of the “sap.” The stuff can be irritating on your skin. Don’t poke your eye out either. I’ve been stabbed several times clearing and pruning agave. The wounds swell up like bee stings and hurt more. The hearts can be fermented into mezcal or tequilla depending on the species. My brother uses the flower stalks to make didgerdoo’s(spelling?). Mike