Can you fill dips?

I’m working on a board and I’ve put a slight dip in one of the concaves in the tail. Can I fill the dip with spackling and sand it to straighten it out? or should I deepen the rest of the concave by blending it in. Or should I just ignore it - remember it’s my lack of skill that created the problem in the first place. Appreciate any advice

You can always spackle or fill it with resin with some filler or whatever, depending on how big it is. Consider it a ding repair… regards, Håvard

Spackle can work real well for small/steep holes, I’m not sure of a ‘dip’ but it might work. Comes out almost invisible, so long as you don’t paint over it. I wouldn’t try even-ing it out, unless your sure that the board can handle that much concave… never give up functionality for cosmetics.