carbon fiber

can you use polyester resin with carbon fiber? or does it have to be epoxy.

If you ask someone in the aerospace industry they’ll scream no way, you MUST use epoxy with carbon fiber. You could use polyester, but it’s really not recommended. Polyester resin doesn’t adhere to the carbon fiber very well. Epoxy is really suggested to achieve maximum performance (which is why you’d use the carbon in the first place.)

It would be like using super unleaded in your Yugo. One note, If cosmetics is all your after, than yes it is ok. There are a lot of Carbon car parts made out of polyester resin for effect only. Sluggo

Use epoxy it will work better, remember carbon will make your board very stiff but bullet proof. Don’t use it on the top deck unless you want to wax the board a lot. Black heats up quick. Stay Solid