Cardboard Surfboard

There’s someone thinking out of the box with a nice looking finished job, there will be issues but it looks good. Thanks for posting the link.

wow will this give the rib cuttin maniacs a

big rib tickle OR WHAT?

Escher on speed -9

what a cool achievement computer generated guy

an Ow bout the shipping box for the Kit

Grain - i -acks your heart served to you on an plate

the digital comp-gen one upsmanship has had the bar raised.

shudder surftechies

the futuree of the see through board is here.

oily skow fatman

this ifs fiberlicious.

man you could put in a centipede and watch 'im

crawl from chamber to chamber lookin for aphids

or ants or just hang it over head as a difuser

I must say this is so cool.