carnuba wax

I’ve looked in the archives, but couldn’t find an answer to this: I’ve got a couple of unglossed boards (sanded glass finish), and have been picking up all kinds of stains from the lovely waters at my most frequented break. In the interests of form and function (I wonder about seepage/premature aging) it seems that applying a ooat of fine wax - like carnuba - car or wordworking wax - at regular intervals and buffing it up would help preserve it and give it longevity. Mainly thinking of the bottom and rails, not covered by the board riding wax. Heck, might make it slide through the water quicker, too. Whaddya think?

I’m really interested too in the reponses you’ll get to this. I don’t like to use the “acrylic technique”, so maybe this is a close alternative?

Hey there, on sanded finish, I sometimes use Mop&glo floor finish. Its like a smi gloss finish.Use a brush to put it on. You can try it Dj

After you apply your Mop and Glo, do you let it dry then buff it out? Or do you just rub it in until dry and glossy?

The mop and glo should be applied with a sponge or tericloth towel. It’s important that it is applied properly. Even liberal coats, like 3,work well.Let dry, or if your lazy, like me, hairdryer it. Then use scotchbrite(plastic sanpaper). The purple stuff is like 320 grit. Using pressure, go the whole length of the board, in nose to tail fashion. May take 2 or 3 passes. Comes out like a sanded gloss…almost.

That sounds really close to “the acrylic techinique”, when using Future. Is mop and glo the same, or is it wax based?

I’ve done fine-woodworking for 25 years, and Carnuba wax is good for wood. I question it’s effectivness for surfboards, though. Even with lots of wax on a piece of wood, the wood still absorbs and gives off moisture, so the wax is not an absolute waterproof coating. If you want to competely stop water absorbtion, wax won’t cut it.

Do you use the scotchbrite on a sander or by hand? thanks

hand… very lightly

Ahh…I guess beeswax would be the same, huh? If so, I guess it’s Mop&Glo time.

…Use your mop n glow,Future, Iris Supercrylic,etc.,scotchbrite it by hand,then put some car wax like turtle wax or some other glorified carnuba wax mix,(I prefer Harley’s pure carb in a tin,no additives,great for rifle stocks,cars,boats,you get my point)and buff lightly with a machine,looks like a gloss.Herb

Herb, how long will the mop & glo finish last. I have a 6’10" Liddle with a sanded finish and I was thinking of cleaning it up and putting a gloss coat on it, but the mop & glo finish sounds alittle easier. What do you think. Thanks

…If you rode the board say like 3 days a week for 2hours,it would last a year or two before you’d have to redo it. …It’s definitly easy to work with,but there really is no substitute for a good gloss and polish.Herb