Caster "Channel Hull"

Picked up an old 5' 10" Castor surfboard today. On the bottom its got "Hydro Hull" in big letters and "hand shaped by Gary Goodrum". Its a tri fin pin tail. The deck is pretty colorful and in pretty decent shape but the bottom is a little rough. Just wondering if anyone might know what years Gary shaped for Castor. And also, didn't Gary win the U.S. Surfing championship in the 70's.

I don’t know squat about history but thought Bill Stewart was the “Hydro Hull” guy.  Could this be another “design rip-off” tempest in a tea pot scandle?  Oh, my!!!

“For over four decades Bill Stewart has been creating one of a kind
custom surfboards. An early backer of the longboard resurrection, Bill
is the inventor of the 2+1 fin configuration and Hydro Hull beveled
rail, as well as co-inventor of the Future Fins System box.”

Back in the 70’s I read something about channelled “hull” bottom designs. I made myself a board with that type of bottom back in about 1978. It had 2 channels about 4 to 6 inches wide running from just past the nose all the way to about the front of the fin. The channels were flat not concave, but didn’t have a hard edge. Since I didn’t know enough about shaping, I ended up with a board that felt extremely flat. It was like riding an ironing board. 

As far as I know of, Ben Aipa was using beveled rails on boards before a lot of other people. His stinger boards had beveled rails, and many of his longboards had beveled rails.

Bill Stewart, Gary Goodrum etc. nor any of the above invented the "Hydro".  Some old guy( that I momentarily can't remember the name of) coined the name "Hydro Hull" and shaped the first one in the late '50's or early '60"s.  I'll think of his name here shortly.  Saw the only one I've ever seen in the" hotbed of design theory" Ventura California at the old MP Morey-Pope Shop on Front st. in Ventura.  His name will come to me shortly.  I'll be back.  

Probably John Kelly. Is this it?

Indeed --------------------John Kelly!    Inventor of the "Hydro Hull".  Designed primarily for Hawaiian big waves.   If you have ever seen an original you'll know they were pretty exagerated compared to a Stewart.  Although the basic concept is evident even in the Stewart.  I believe it is a hull design that moved over into surfboards from boat design.  There are some "Cat" builders still using this design on modern day sailing and power Cats.

Thanks for the link. that's pretty much the way the one I saw in Ventura looked.  Two distinct planing surfaces.  There was alot of talk about it at the time, but we were all into noseriders and considered it too experimental and outdated.  I got to say though that I have ridden the piss out of a 9'0 Stewart Hydro Hull and found it to be one of if not the most responsive longboard I have ever ridden.

Some pics of the Kelly Hydro Hull. Built at the old Inter Island surf shop, which offered the design for sale.

Cropped version of the second scan. Shows obvious ‘step’ in the bottom of the tail. The concept was to shorten the water line when at planing speed.

I think txsurfbob had a freudian typo with “Hydro Hull”. Casters channel bottom where called Channel Hulls. 


Here's a Caster ad from the 80's that mentions the Channel Hull and has the Channel Hull logo..[img_assist|nid=1054619|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=485|height=640]    

Another shaper that used the “Hydro” name was Mike Slingerland for Surfboards Hawaii. His design had a slot down the middle of the bottom that curved out to the rails about a third up from the tail. He actually has a patent on it. 


Atomized, thanks for pointing out my "Fredian" typo. And thanks for attaching that 80's Caster ad for the "Channel Hull". That is pretty much the exact board I've got. I sure learned a lot about the Hydro's from my slip up though. Some very interesting stuff for sure. I wish I could have learned a little more about Gary Goodrum though. Thanks to everyone for the comments.

Bill or John might be able to give you some info on Goodrum.  I remember him from my times living in SD.  "70's and '80's.  Haven't heard anything of him recent.  I suspect that Slingerland is still around in No. County doing boards.  He had Surfboard USA for awhile.  Had one of his thrusters in the '80's.  Good shaper.

Thanks for the link.  Didn't know Mitch had a blog.

I will say this;  There is a power Cat builder in the Hawaiian Islands who features this exact hull design on it's Power Cats.  I mean IDENTICAL.  I've seen the drawings and the hulls .  Without immediatly making the connection to John Kelly upon looking at the drawing;  I thought this could work on a surfboard.