cedar and pine hollow

Just thought I’d post a couple of pics of this one I just finished (well apart from some sanding and polishing which can wait). Its 8ft by 21 1/2" and 2 5/8" thick. Its half hollow with some chambered parts. Oh and it weighs a ton!

Thanks for looking

Not sure why the pics didn’t come up. Try again…

The other woods apart from the western red cedar and pine in this are cherry, birch, oak and a wee bit of mohogany.

Oh boll*cks, I give up. I’ll try again another time. Any ideas anyone?

post the pictures on imageshack.us and then embed them using the tree icon (second from far right) in the reply composition window.

Hi Afoaf, thanks.

Is it the same thing as photobucket? We’ll see if that works as I already have the pics there.

Ah, that’s got it.

Thanks for looking.

No disrespect intended, but I think the pinlines detract from the georgeous board you built…Too busy…

The black “pintail” lines on the inside look like that might be the cutout line for the next board that evolves from this one…

Just my opinion…

Nice , very nice woodwork…!!!..Be proud…

Hey Paul,

Thanks for your feedback, you’re the second person to say that so there might be something in it. With a bit of luck and better glue I might not need the pinlines on the next one. While waiting for the weather to pick up and be suitable for glassing, one of the joints on the deck started to open up quite a bit, so th pinlines were to disguise the filler line (CHEAT!)

Thanks again

oh by the way, I really enjoyed your Aussie and French blogs. That’s a proper job, need an assistant?

Well, if you want another opinion, I think the pinlines look good and are well done, if you freehanded them I am even more impressed. Might we see the fin side?

Disguising errors, great use for pin lines…Well done…!!!..

BTW:I consolidated those trip reports… Here are the links to them…

France 2009 Trip Report

Jersey 2009 Trip Report

Thanks Mahana,

most of the pics are of the “fin side” there’s a nicely blended in wooden fin box I made set in there, I’m hoping it stays where I put it and doesn’t leak. I have a couple of wooden fins that I made but nothing I’m happy with yet so it’s just getting an 8" plastic takayama for now.

The lines were, "ahem!, freehanded, that is freehanded with automotive pinlining tape. (cheat again).

Your kid looks way more at home with that planer than I ever feel, start 'em early.

thanks again for the thumbs up.